Celestial Diary releases a short film titled ‘Lost Sheep’

 Celestial Diary releases a short film titled ‘Lost Sheep’

Celestial Diary Production, a media brand that recently launched activities in Nigeria, has just released a short film titled “Lost Sheep.” The film features a star-studded cast of Nigerian celebrities, including Tunde Usman (Okele), Ibukunoluwa Olude, Olawale Tosin, and Soliu Gbolagade.

“Lost Sheep” tells the story of a young lady who was tricked by her friends into abominable behaviors and which made her father The Shepard of a Celestial church to be disappointed in her acts, Ibukun who went astray took to her own path in life which is not commendable. However, she is stopped by the Gospel of God’s words in Proverbs who shows her love and kindness, leading her to reconsider her decision and make positive changes in her life.

The short film directed by Femi Aare and produced by Celestial Diary, has already garnered positive reviews from viewers and critics alike. The compelling storyline and excellent performances by the cast have been praised by many.

In a statement, the executive producer, Elijah Jinadu expressed his excitement about the release of “Lost Sheep,” noting that the film aims to highlight the importance of God’s love, kindness, and mental health awareness.

“We are thrilled to have produced ‘Lost Sheep’ and to have worked with such a talented cast and crew. Our hope is that the film will encourage viewers to be more aware of their mental health and to show love, positivity and kindness to those around them,” said the producer.

The release of “Lost Sheep” marks a significant milestone for Celestial Diary Production, which aims to bring thought-provoking and impactful celestial media content to audiences across Nigeria and beyond. With its compelling storyline and talented cast, “Lost Sheep” is definitely a must-see for anyone looking for a meaningful and destiny fulfilling experience.